Discover Your Path to Healing

Welcome to SpiritPath Wellness

We are a unique wellness studio specializing in restorative bodywork. Our mission at SpiritPath Wellness is to provide a nurturing environment to cultivate healing through multiple modalities such as therapeutic yoga, massage, reiki, and shamanic work.

We recognize pain in all forms and are here to introduce you to a different path to restoration. We invite you to become your own healer on this unique journey.


Come in to receive one or a combination of bodywork therapies including: massage, reiki, therapeutic yoga, shamanic journey work or meditation. Each session is specific to your individual needs and intentions.


In order to heal, we must first address the issues or concerns being experienced. Utilizing different therapeutic modalities allows the body to process the stress and trauma that is associated with pain and suffering. We work to restore power, address soul loss, relieve pain, and aid the body’s natural process of finding balance and well-being.


During your healing session, we bring a deep awareness within the body, mind, and spirit connection; breathing deepens, connective tissue releases, and the nervous system calms. A sense of safety is experienced and the body’s natural stress response can be addressed. These sessions can guide you into peace and rejuvenation. Create the positive change you wish to manifest and restore vitality to your life.

About Jenifer

Jenifer is a board certified, licensed massage therapist, certified therapeutic yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and shamanic healing practitioner. She is licensed by the state of California and certified by the National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She holds a certificate of medical massage and is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

She is trained in many therapeutic modalities, including medical massage, therapeutic yoga, nutrition counseling, reiki, somatic experiencing and shamanic journeywork. She utilizes many techniques in order to best facilitate healing in each person she works with. She has studied and practiced body work and energy work for over 13 years.

Her life work is focused on providing tools that help support the healing journey of others. She is passionate about helping people connect and build awareness in a way that best serves each person, allowing for deep healing and the balance of all body systems. She values and strives for integrity and grace. She enjoys being in nature, running and hiking.