About My Workshops

A community offers a way to connect in, heal, and embody the light of your truth. These workshops and classes focus on restoration, resourcing and empowerment. Each class provides a different way to increase awareness, settle the nervous system, and come into the heart. 

If you are looking for a workshop to support a specific intention for yourself or a group, classes can be customized. Contact me to register or subscribe to my newsletter for upcoming workshops. 

Workshops are offered in-person and virtually.

Shamanic Foundations - A Beginning Shamanic Journey Workshop

Available as a private session, or as a group workshop

The shamanic journey allows you to see with the heart. This ancient technology connects you to the roots of your human essence, deepens your relationship to spirit helpers, and provides a path to personal healing and growth. The tools you learn in this class create the foundation from which your greatest potential is realized, and support you as you come into the interconnection of all that is. In this workshop, you will learn about:
  • Practices that help you come into the present moment.
  • The shamanic journey
  • The 3 realms of non-ordinary reality
  • Establishing relationships with your personal spirit helpers

Stone Ceremony Class Series

August through November

In this class series, we focus on expanding consciousness through the shamanic journey, mindfulness practices, sharing circle, and personal reflection. We bring awareness to the old stories, patterns, and beliefs that are ready to be released, to make room for the new stories, dreams, and positive changes you seek to manifest.

In these classes, you will learn about:

  • Coming into a relationship with yourself and the natural world
  • Strengthening connections with your spirit helpers
  • Creating sacred space
  • Building and using an altar
  • Working with spirits of nature
  • Connecting to your ancestors
  • Cultivating intention

 **Shamanic Foundations Class is required to take this class.

Somatic Mindfulness

These workshops offer somatic approaches to connecting to self, processing stress, and stabilizing all body systems.

Exploring the Language of Sensation

Come into dialogue with the nervous system. These simple exercises create a deeper relationship with the body, aid in processing stress and trauma, and help you come into a sense of your true essence. Through these practices you begin to know your authentic self and learn to embody your light.

The Support of Mother Earth

Like a tree, you are an extension of the Earth. Learn to come into presence through the shamanic journey and mindfulness practices. Bring awareness to the energy of Mother Earth and the support she offers.

Orienting to Presence and Grace

Orienting to where you are in time and space calms the nervous system and reminds you that you are connected to all things. Learn simple and effective practices to help you orient, connect and be in the grace of the present moment.

Tapping into your Radiant Flow of Energy

Moving the body releases energy that isn’t serving you, and helps you come into presence. Explore different mindful movement practices and discover your place within the natural flow of your body.

Your Innate Ability to Create Comfort and Safety

The body is always moving and taking the shapes that aid in calming the nervous system, providing a container of safety, and stimulating the energetic channels that heal and balance. Utilize mindfulness practices and deep healing yoga asanas to expand awareness about the somatic expressions of your body and how it serves you.

Deep Healing Yoga

In this class, we come together as a community to explore the felt sense of being. Deep healing yoga is a gentle, meditative practice using bolsters, blankets, and other props to facilitate the body’s natural ability to relax and deepen the breath. Virtual classes offer a great opportunity to find the home props that best support you in this relaxing practice.

Reiki Certification

In person only

Facilitate the healing of yourself and others by learning to channel universal life force energy and bring harmony to all body systems.

The blessing of Reiki connects you to the divine energy that brings life to all beings on this planet. Every attunement is attended by Reiki spirit guides who help initiate you into this ancient energy healing system. This training provides you with the practical knowledge and skills required to practice, while assisting as you cultivate curiosity, and come into the sacredness that is Reiki.

*Reiki I, II, and Master Levels are available in private session, or in-person group workshop.