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Your Path to Healing

Our work together begins with a free consultation by phone. We discuss any issues or concerns you seek to focus on. Ultimately, you choose where to begin in your healing journey. The work we do together deepens your sense of connection, brings you into the light of new insights, and helps you initiate the changes you seek in your life.

Sessions are available in-person, by phone or over zoom. Military Discounts are offered.

Where do you want to begin?

My services offer different ways to process pain, stress, trauma, and restore balance to all body systems. These therapies facilitate a deeper sense of self in order to initiate change and allow you to navigate your own healing journey.

Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing®(SE®) is a body oriented approach, allowing access to the physiological survival responses that have been thwarted in the past, or that may be currently stuck in the body. SE® is the life work of Dr. Peter Levine and has been successfully applied for over 45 years. This therapeutic work facilitates a regulated state within the nervous system, builds awareness, and provides a framework for healing stress and trauma.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is one of the oldest known spiritual practices. These ancient healing techniques assist in restoring power, addressing soul loss, and shifting long held patterns. Shamanic healing work includes the following:
The shamanic journey brings you into the heart of your being. This time honored practice promotes deep connection, initiates flexibility of the ego, and helps to access information not readily available in conscious every day living.
Soul Retrieval addresses the spiritual aspect of illness and imbalance by calling back the parts of you that have been lost due to overwhelming stress and trauma. These soul parts carry vital life force energy, and return with the crucial gifts and talents that have been missing from your life.
Every relationship is a teacher. We establish energetic contracts that support connection and help us understand one another. As we learn and evolve, the initial relational contracts must also shift, but sometimes old patterns persist. Cordcutting provides a way to neutralize the energetic contract that exists in a relationship. This practice releases old energy and helps you maintain healthy boundaries.
Mindfulness practices and the shamanic journey provide a pathway for the soul to find flexibility as it transitions from this life. These practices help support the dying, the dead and the loved ones who are caretakers during, or are witness to, the final stages of life. With these compassionate practices, it becomes easier to release fear and unease, and come into a sense of peace.
Your ancestors are a part of you. Negative or unserving personal beliefs and behaviors can be linked to transgenerational survival structures. These patterns served your ancestors well, but may not be helpful strategies in your life now. Working with beloved ancestral spirits provides support, profound connection, a deep understanding about the life patterns you wish to shift, and ways to initiate positive change.

Deep Healing Yoga

Deep healing yoga sessions build self awareness, turn off the stress response and bring the body into a deep calm. This practice orients you to a sensation of safety and support, and aids in the rest and relaxation of your whole being. These sessions flow with how you feel in the moment and address your specific intention or goals.


The sacred practice of Reiki has been passed down for generations. Reiki stimulates the natural radiant flow of energy in the body, removes energetic blockages, supports healing and aids in restoring balance. This healing technique can easily be done in person or over distance and virtually.

Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

Mindfulness practices calm the nervous system and connect you to yourself and the present moment. These practices have been shown to slow the heart rate, increase oxygen uptake and shift neural pathways. There are many different ways to practice mindfulness including breathwork, visualization, and somatic exercises.

Therapeutic and Medical Massage

Therapeutic bodywork techniques specifically address discomfort, pain, and limited range of motion in the physical body. This work is a supportive aid when addressing stress, anxiety, pre and post surgery, injuries, and chronic pain issues.

Here to Help from Afar

Nurturing your whole self – body, mind and soul, is more important now than ever.

We may all need a little extra support during this strange time. The potential for triggered responses to trauma and stress is more prevalent than ever before. Although touch skills are not available at this time, I encourage you to reach out. There are many ways I can support you in-person, by phone or on Zoom.

Virtual Services include: Reiki, SE®, Deep Healing Yoga, Mindfulness practices, and shamanic healing work. We focus on the practices that best support you in the moment. Virtual 1-on-1, and group options are available.

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